Our Policy

1.Running Shop Name Mihamado
2.Representation Miho Shinohara
3.Location 3-2-1 Honkugenuma Fujisawa-shi Kanagawa 251-0028 Japan
4.Cost other than price
  of merchandise
Shipping Cost・・・・It's different by products and your location.
Cost for "Pay Pal" ・・・100yen for 1 payment
5.Available period of
  an order
We will cancel the order if you won't pay in 7 business days
(including the day you ordered).
6.Quantity of stocks You can know the quantity of stocks of the products.
But we are selling them on the real shop too, then the number may not
correct. If there are shortage, we will inform it to you on the e-mail.
You can cancel if you aren't satisfied with that.
7.Time for sending
When we have stocks, we will send them in 3 business days (including
the day we accepted the order). When we don't have stocks, we can't
compensate them. You can buy remaining products or cancel all.
8.Payment Method PayPal: Please send money to the e-mail address we will inform to you. 
9.Payment Limit PayPal: Please send money in 7 business days (including the day you
10.Shipping Method "EMS" or "Small Packet". You can select one of them for small purchases
which are until 500g and not too big.

For other purchases, EMS only.
"EMS" is expensive, but fast(usually 3-14 days to arrive) and safe
(trackable, with insurance).
"Small Packet" is cheap, but it's slow(usually 5-60 days to arrive) and
not safe (no trackable, without insurance).
"Insurance" means to refund all the money when the items will be lost.

And we quit the transaction when your shipping address on PayPal is
"unconfirmed" and the total price (including shipping cost) is over 5000yen.
11.Return Policy We don't accept returns at any reasons.
But when there will be some troubles which are caused by our mistakes,
we will just refund the money (We won't send the products again).
Please judge by yourself whether you can use the product properly in
your country or not.
We will refund only if the products are rejected articles, or broken,
or they are not what you ordered. We might refuse the refund when
you don't have evidences such as photographs.
12. Tax You might be charged Tax at the costom in your country.
The policy for tax is different from country to country,
so please pay it if you are charged.
If you know the way of avoiding tax, please tell us tha
12.Contact us If you have questions, contact us freely.
TEL 81-466-31-1484 FAX 81-466-31-1404
E-mail address: info@bunpara.com